Starting Care Services

How to Start Our Care Services

We schedule a free evaluation of your care needs at your convenience and as soon as possible.

Your evaluation is at no cost or obligation to you with you and others of your family – including the family member who would be receiving our care services. Depending on your needs, we can schedule an evaluation within an hour or so of your call if necessary.

We assess your care needs wherever you’re residing, be it at home, hospital, or care center.

We come to you and conduct a free in-home evaluation to determine your individual care needs, desires, and preferences.This visit allows us to gather important information, answer your questions, and help you understand how Family Home Care can help.

We create a customized personal care plan, and schedule frequency and amount of care services.

We collaborate about your care needs, wants, and desires, create a customized and personal plan of care for you or your loved one, and determine a schedule of when we will be providing care services.

When we start care services, we personally introduce your caregivers to you.

A member of our Care Management Team personally introduces the caregiver that has specifically been chosen to provide care services for you. Any time a new caregiver will be providing care services for you, one of our Care Management Team members will personally introduce that caregiver to you.

We regularly visit and monitor the quality of your care and are available 24/7 by phone.

A member of our Care Management Team comes to your home and monitors the quality of care you are receiving from our caregivers to ensure our caregivers are delivering care services according to the custom care plan. Additionally, we are available every hour of every day via phone.

Our caregivers keep care notes about the care they provide. Following each shift, our caregivers enter their care notes into a Care Pro portal and the notes are available to be viewed by any family member set up on the Family Portal.

The Value of a Care Needs Evaluation

An in-home care need evaluation allows you to share with our professional Care Manager your needs, wants, and desires allowing us to better understanding how our caregivers may assist you. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about us, our services, and caregivers. This evaluation helps us understand the level of care and variety of services you will need, allowing us to determine the cost of the care services.

The main functions of a Care Needs Evaluation include:

We review to understand such issues as the care recipient’s needs of assistance with their activities of daily living, ambulation, how they function cognitively, and their daily routine. We assess and determine other needs they may have to maintain their household.

Together, we develop a customized plan of care for you or your loved one that works for you and meets your care needs.This care plan includes:

  • Preferences and Daily Routines- We help create or uphold established daily routines and preferences.
  • Assistance Issues- We determine the level of care and variety of services that you desire, is within the scope of our services and meet your needs. This includes assistance with activities of daily living, ambulation, meal prep, light housekeeping, assistance with maintaining your household, etc.
  • Health Care Appointments and Medication- We can assist with doctors’ visits and help with medication reminders.
  • Home Safety Issues- As part of our Care Needs Evaluation we assess the home for potential safety issues to ensure our clients and caregivers can enjoy their quality care services without danger of potential accidents or injury.
  • Frequency of Care- We work with you to determine a regular schedule of the amount and frequency of the care services that meets your needs. We can provide as little as one 4 hour shift once a month to 24 hours a day seven days a week.
  • Other Issues of Concern- We determine what other Care Management Services we can provide to our client’s to address any other cares or concerns.

At the time of the care need evaluation, based on your customized plan of care and the variety of services and level of care you want, we will be able to determine the cost of services

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