Our Care Management Services Provide Dignity and Independence

Care Management Services Overview

The aging process brings many changes in life, many of them are positive and some can be more challenging to deal with. Everyday tasks such as self-care, moving around, housekeeping, cooking, driving, etc. may become more challenging. Sometimes these changes are gradual and for others their situation becomes more complicated faster. Over time, your loved one’s needs can become all time consuming and overwhelming. In these instances, as life becomes more challenging for your senior loved one, we believe you both might benefit from our Care Management Services.

Keeping a household running smoothly takes a lot of work, our Care Management Services are designed to assist you in all aspects of receiving in-home care services while maintaining your household. Our Caregiver Services can help with the laundry, shopping, and transportation for appointments. Our Care Management Services can assist with arranging gardening, housekeeping, and handyman services. If you’re having trouble staying on top of bills, we can assist with bill paying services, too. And much more!

Our experienced Care Managers perform many different roles, but one of their primary functions is to assess and identify the care needs of seniors and present options to the senior and their family, helping them make the best decisions regarding care. They educate those looking for care services about the variety of care services available, making referrals and connections when needed. Our Care Managers continually monitor the care and condition of our clients to make sure their quality of life goals are being met and to assist if changes are required.

Some of the more common services our Care Managers provide includes:

  • Conduct a comprehensive care evaluation to assess the level and type of care needed and develop a customized plan of care for each client

  • Initiate the plan of care and keep it updated by conduct routine check-ins to monitor how the client is progressing

  • Conduct home safety evaluations

  • Make sure in-home care services are conducted and received in a safe and positive environment

  • Coordinate transitional care services from the facility or hospital

  • Monitor the quality and delivery of caregiver services provided in the home and provide prospective feedback

  • Assist with keeping your household running smoothly

  • Assist with arranging for the services of legal and financial advisors

  • Provide assistance with placement in assisted living facilities or nursing homes as applicable

  • Assist with the monitoring of medications

  • Find appropriate solutions to avoid a crisis

  • Assist with home accessibility and maintenance

  • Coordinate medical appointments and medical information

  • Ensure proper transportation to medical appointments

  • Assist families in positive decision making

  • Become an advocate for the care recipient and the family caregiver

  • Manage care for a loved one for out-of-town families

  • Become an advocate for the care recipient and the family caregiver

  • Assist with arranging long-term care planning

  • Monitor the services provided by care team and provide respective feedback.

  • Monitor the care of a family member in a nursing home or in assisted living

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