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Why can’t we have just one caregiver for our loved one?

We wish it could be as simple as that. While we would all like to have just one caregiver for each client, it just does not work. We believe, foremost, that when there are just one or two caregivers working with a client it tends to create a potential for bad relationships. In these instances, the client often forms an unhealthy dependence upon those one or two caregivers. We believe there needs to be at least 3 or 4 caregivers, who are rotated on a regular basis, familiar with the case, who can provide the level of care required.

Our goal is to have consistency of care services. We try our hardest, as part of the consistency of services, to have certain caregivers assigned to certain clients on a rotating basis. With many of our clients, there will probably be a time, or two, that there are many different caregivers providing services.