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Consumer Alert

Consumer Risk Alert

Click the link below to download a copy of the Family Home Care’s consumer home care disclosure statement.


Click the link below to download a copy of a Consumer Disclosure Statement any consumer can use.


Are You at Risk Having Caregivers in Your Home?

Who Is Really Liable?

Currently, there are three different business models of in home care services for Consumers to choose from in Arizona and California. They are:

  • Businesses that have caregivers as employees.
  • “Registries or “Placement” services that have independent contractors as caregivers.
  • Or, Consumers can hire Private Caregivers on their own. If you do you need to READ HERE.

In Arizona and California, there are NO laws that govern home care companies, registries, placement services, or Private Caregivers. Private Care givers are not required to disclose to Consumers that they are independent contractors and Registries and placement services are not required to disclose to Consumers that they furnish independent contractors as caregivers. This lack of disclosure leaves consumers liable to pay State and Federal payroll tax costs, unemployment costs, all the associated penalties, and workers’ compensation costs for independent contractors and Private Caregivers.

Some red flags of being fooled into believing you are getting caregiver employees of the home care company when you are really getting independent contractor caregivers include:

  • If the home care company wants you to give one check to the company and another check to the caregiver
  • If you are just supposed top pay the caregiver
  • If a company is charging a price for care services that is markedly less than other home care companies in the area

If a home care company tells you they are “licensed” don’t be fooled, there is no state licensing in Arizona or California for home care companies. That may mean they have a business license – anyone can get that.


Get verification of what kind of home care company or Private Caregiver you are dealing with by asking for copies of the company’s or person’s:

  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance Certificate for caregivers
  • General/Professional Insurance Certificate for caregivers
  • Insurance for caregiver theft issues

Click here to get a copy of Family Home Care’s consumer home care disclosure statement


Get a Consumer Home Care Disclosure Statement that details:

If the home care company is an employer, a registry or placement service, or the person is a Private Caregiver; the responsibility they will assume (if any) for:

  • the payment of wages,
  • taxes, social security,
  • overtime,
  • workers’ compensation,
  • liability insurance,
  • insurance against theft, and
  • unemployment compensation payments, and more.

If you are interviewing Home Care Service Providers or Private Caregivers for care services, have them complete and sign a Consumer Disclosure Statement you can download and print by clicking here.


Informed Consumers make the best care decisions for themselves and their loved ones.