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Hiring Practices

Eligible Caregiver candidates must:

  • Possess a minimum of 1 year of verifiable caregiving experience in a home care or hands-on setting
  • Successfully pass a written skills assessment, and successfully demonstrate basic caregiving skills (safe transfer technique, safe lifting technique, etc)
  • Successfully pass a national and unlimited county criminal background check via Live Scan & Intellicorp Records
  • Successfully pass a pre-employment drug screen via ARCpoint Labs
  • Successfully pass TB screening
  • Maintain current CPR & First Aid certifications

Once selected, our Caregivers:

  • Receive an initial and paid one-on-one orientation and introduction to our policies and procedures. Our management team takes the time to educate each caregiver employee on our company’s approach to providing home care excellence
  • Undergo our Foundational Caregiver Training Program including:
    • Continued hands-on skills demonstrations & critiques, an 80-hour interactive online learning program, and a “Day 90 Check-up” to seek further skills development and refinement. Successful completion of our Foundational Training Program is mandatory and is rewarded with cash bonuses.
  • Receive ongoing and paid skills development at least once each calendar quarter.
  • Are personally introduced to each client by a member of our Care Management Team. If it’s the first time our caregiver has worked with a client, a member of the Care Management Team will be there to make the introduction process personal and to answer any questions.